Who's Who at Broadview?

We're proud of our team of professionals and their pride in providing a safe, secure and comfortable experience for all of our residences. Peace of mind is priceless. Our staff is here to service you. We encourage you to reach out for any discussion.

Jamie Connor

RN & Executive Director

Jamie has been the owner of Broadview for over 23 years now and is still actively involved as both the Owner and Executive Director. She spends her days overseeing the entire operation here at Broadview and has the open-door policy for employees, residents, families, and visitors to discuss any topics they request.

Lindsey Connor

Director of Business & Marketing

Lindsey oversees both the business department and the marketing department. She spends her days involved in giving tours, admission, resident/family relations, accounts payable, accounts receivable, vendor relations, insurance contracts, maintenance contract coordination, staff support, and overall community support.

Anthony Dickson

Operations Manager

Anthony is responsible for the oversight of the operation involving housekeeping, maintenance, and food service. He is actively involved with the employees and residents regarding any issues surrounding these departments.

Amy Ethier

RN & Wellness Nurse

Amy is responsible for conducting resident assessments initially, after 30-days, and periodically throughout their residency at Broadview. She also works with our service coordinator to create service plans from the assessments and intro visits that the staff use as a reference regarding the resident’s needs. She also spends her days making sure the wellness needs of all residents are taken care of.

Tricia Rosmus

Service Coordinator

Tricia is responsible for all service coordination requirements including ensuring all resident service plans are up to date, signed, and family is aware of residents needs. She also oversees the resident care department by scheduling, managing, and training our resident care staff.

Will Lary

Special Program Manager

Will is responsible for the oversight of all operations involving the special care residence, Bright Horizons. He develops and executes programs and activities for the residence that are appropriate for residents with all forms of dementia.

Lisa Sergi

Culinary Supervisor

Lisa oversees the culinary department. She creates the monthly menus, helps execute daily meals, manages the culinary staff, and helps coordinate residence events.

Jeff Ladeau

Facilities Manager

Jeff is responsible for all the maintenance and upkeep of the entire community. He works daily with his maintenance staff to ensure the community and all properties are well taken care of and maintained.