Who's Who at Broadview?

We're proud of our team of professionals and their pride in providing a safe, secure and comfortable experience for all of our residents. The peace of mind of the residents and their families is our priority. Our staff is here to serve you. Please reach out to let us know how we can add value to and your loved ones!

Bethany (Connor) McCormick

MS-N, BSN, RN, NEA-BC, CNS-BC                                                                    Executive Director

Bethany is the daughter of the owners, Tom and Jamie Connor. She is a Registered Nurse and Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Health and Geriatrics, as well a certified Nurse Administrator. She served in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps for 25 years and is a retired Colonel. She returned back to her home town of Winchendon so that she could have the honor of caring for those who once cared for her. She is passionate about developing leaders, shaping strategy and creating the ideal experience for residents, families and staff. Bethany loves crafting, enjoying the outdoors and spending time with family.

Lindsey Connor

MS, Gerontology, BA, Health Science
Assistant Executive Director

Lindsey, the niece of Tom and Jamie, has a masters degree in Geriatrics and Healthcare Operations.  As the Assistant Executive Director, Lindsey oversees day to day operations at Broadview.  She has direct oversight for  the Resident Care, Activities, Marketing and Business Departments.  She spends her days involved in giving tours, admission, resident/family relations, accounts payable, accounts receivable, vendor relations,  contract coordination, staff support, and overall community support. You will always find Lindsey, with her trusty side-kick, her dog Nova. Nova brings delight to the residents, families and staff at Broadview!

Anthony Dickson

Operations Manager

Anthony, Tom and Jamie's brother-in-law is the quiet professional, who works behind the scenes to ensure everything is running smoothly. He is responsible for the oversight of the housekeeping, maintenance, and culinary service departments. Anthony brings with him a wealth of experience in quality assurance and operations management. When not at work, Anthony enjoys spending time connecting with his wife and nine grandchildren!

Carolyn Hochard

RN                                                                                                                              Wellness Nurse

Carolyn is responsible for the health and well being of our residents. She  assesses all residents prior to their arrival, after 30 days and continuously throughout their residency at Broadview. She works with our Service Coordinator to create personalized service plans unique to each individual resident’s needs and is in constant communication with families to ensure each resident is receiving the most appropriate level of care. She, along with the other nurses at Broadview are available 24/7 to support the health and safety of our residents.

Tricia Rosmus

LPN                                                                                                                                      Director of Resident Care

Tricia has worked at Broadview since she was 19 years old. She has worked her way up from a brand new Nurse's Aid to her current position as the Director of Resident care, Service Coordinator and Special Program's manager. Tricia is responsible for coordinating care requirements with each resident and family.  She also oversees the Resident Care Department, to include: scheduling, managing, and training our Resident Care Staff. In addition, Tricia is responsible for the oversight of our memory care unit, Bright Horizons.  She ensures the development and execution of programs and activities appropriate for residents with all types of dementia.

Jeff Ladeau

Facilities Manager

You will find Jeff at Broadview any time, day or night working diligently behind the scenes to make sure that the residents and staff of Broadview are safe and have everything they need. From plowing snow, to planting flowers, to changing lightbulbs, to ensuring each room is painted and updated in preparation for new arrivals, Jeff is responsible for all the maintenance and upkeep of the entire community. He works daily with his maintenance staff to ensure the community and all properties are well taken care of and maintained. Jeff enjoys ice hockey in the winter, motorcycle rides in the summer and spending time with his two dogs

Sharon Jerome

Administrative Assistant

The second you walk through the doors of Broadview, you will be greeted by Sharon's smiling face! Sharon is the right hand and go-to person for all things administrative. She is the creative heart behind our monthly and daily menus and activities calendars. She plans, coordinates and provides oversight for Broadview activities, while answering phones, delivering mail and making sure that both residents and families have everything they need.


Chief Happiness Officer

Nova faithfully comes to work every day to provide companionship and love to all who she comes into contact with! She loves chew toys, peanut butter and belly rubs and where ever she is, you know that her mom is close by.  Don't let her sweet, innocent face fool you - although she does  not bite, she may bark at you to let you know who is in charge.  Nova loves our Broadview residents and serves in her role with pride and love, spreading happiness where ever she goes!