Broadview Assisted Living Winchendon MA

Broadview Assisted Living’s main building sits atop a lovely knoll in the heart of historic Winchendon, MA, and was constructed in 1886. In 1996 it was purchased by the Connor Family and converted into a boarding house. The original house was home to 12 residents until the Connors discovered that they had a passion for helping seniors live the best and most active lifestyles possible. In 2004 the Connors added to the original structure, transforming it into a licensed assisted living facility. The upgraded building has the capacity to house 65 seniors and includes a fully secure and self-contained special care unit. Broadview Assisted Living prides itself on being a fully modern facility with nursing staff onsite, while still retaining the warm family atmosphere of its origins.

Locally Owned Assisted Living Facility

The Connor family retains ownership of Broadview Assisted Living and stays involved with the day-to- day operations with the help of a few family members and a dedicated leadership team. The Connors are firmly committed to operating Broadview Assisted Living in the spirit in which it was founded, and maintains the warm community feel while keeping the high standard of resident care.